[1] POST is a platform working to challenge the place of visual culture and communication in society while addressing the ethics of design, the politics of image-making, and the unknowns of our creative futures. [CLOSE]

. Design

[2] "Designing is not solving but further entangling. Extending the assertion that solutions are weak positions, needs and problems are not things to be eliminated but rather potentials to be recombined." - Medium Design: Knowing how to work on the world by Keller Easterling. [CLOSE]

/ Tangle

[3] This next iteration of Post Design Festival takes us deep into the theme of “entanglement,” where we’ll unravel the intersections, interconnections, and invisible strings that give shape to our visual and political surroundings. [CLOSE]

 is a design festival spanning two years, four locations

[4] Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland [CLOSE]

, and a patchworked, online hub

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