Illustration of how variable font technology works.
Read more about how to implement it on the web:




Illustration: Donald Knuth’s 1985 Punk font. Read more about Donald Knuth and his work on TeX and Metafont here

Watch Donald Knuth explain about METAFONT, how the letterforms are created, and the algorithms that manipulate their style. He also shares memories of Stanford, Xerox PARC, and writing “The Art of Computer Programming. From 2016 via San Francisco Public Library.


“Each instrument of writing is bound to the idea of the letter”

– Elias Hanzer


Read about Suhrkampf Verlag in our interview with Elias Hanzer here: https://post.design/interview-elias-hanzer/


Hanzer Liccini’s edition for Miglé


More about Rotis here


Östberga at Letters from Sweden

Chapter 1: Practice
March 26th 2022

Elias Hanzer is a type designer based in Berlin, Germany, where he co-runs Hanzer Liccini, a studio for graphic design and typography. Elias works with type as a generative tool to form an infinity of shapes, moving away from fixed design results, and instead making room for more open-endedness and play. Elias Hanzer is also behind ABC Arizona —  the first ever sans-to-serif “Superfamily” that packages all of its styles into one single variable font file.

Elias Hanzer gave a talk on March 26th 2022, for the Symposium day of the Post Design Tangle, Chapter 1, which had the theme Practice. Chapter 1 of the Post Design Tangle took place at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden.

During Elias’ talk the following footnotes and references comes up from the crowd in Stockholm: Rotis and Östberga Typeface and from the online audience: A tutorial on variable fonts; Johannes Breyer at POST 2019; Edition Typeface; Donald Knuth; 21:33; Suhrkampf Theater; Miglé Edition

Read the interview with Elias about his views on type’s right to be legible or illegible, disciplined or quick here.

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